Wildfire Household Hazardous Waste Removal

October 2017 Wildfire Household Hazardous Waste RemovalThe Department of Toxic Substances Control is available to assist local, state and federal agencies after major wildfires. Staff from DTSC’s Emergency Response Program oversees contractors who remove household hazardous waste (HHW) and asbestos from burned structures and parcels. Examples of HHW include lead acid and household batteries; compressed gas cylinders; bulk pesticides, fertilizers and pool chemicals; paints, thinners and aerosol cans; asbestos siding, pipe insulation and tiles; and CRTs from televisions, computers and other electronic devices. The contaminated debris is cleaned up and contained as quickly as possible to minimize exposure to emergency personnel, the public, and workers involved in restoration efforts.

October & December 2017 Wildfire Recovery

DTSC is working with local, state, and federal partners on the response to the series of wildfires that broke out in Northern California in October 2017, and in Southern California in December 2017. DTSC has received mission assignments from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to perform the first phase of the cleanup to remove household hazardous waste and asbestos.


Ventura Fires Public Dashboard

The Ventura Fires Public Dashboard displays the total number of parcels impacted by the Thomas Fire, the number of parcels assessed to date, and the number of parcels assessed each day. Click the image below to get more details and access the Dashboard.

 Ventura Fires Public Dashboard

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DTSC Northern California Wildfire Cleanup Success Story

Read our success story entitled, "DTSC Fire Cleanup Helps Northern Californians Rebuild."

DTSC Northern California Wildfire Cleanup Video


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