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Engaging the public in an open and transparent communication process leads not only to better decisions, it also creates public trust ensuring decisions reflect what is best for the community. DTSC is dedicated to working with all stakeholders to build and maintain a process that gives a voice to all participants and allows the public unfettered access to information. Our goal is to create an open and ongoing dialogue with stakeholders that allows for the exchange of ideas, comments and questions. Many changes will involve using newer and faster communication tools such as social networking, e-mail alerts and video. While electronic tools vastly improve access to information, community meetings and face-to-face discussions will always be a cornerstone of DTSC’s community outreach efforts.

With the passage of SB 990, the SSFL site will be cleaned up under the standards and processes within the California Superfund Law as well as the standards within the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Prior to this change, the site was investigated under the RCRA corrective action program. Santa Susana Field Laboratory is currently in the Facility Investigation phase. The RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) goals are to characterize the nature and extent of chemical contamination in all environmental media at the SSFL, evaluate risks to humans and the environment, and gather data to support the cleanup (the final step in the RFI process).

If you have suggestions on the Web site or have questions, please contact Marcia Rubin, Public Participation Supervisor at (714) 484-5338 or via e-mail at

Community Survey 

Community surveys allow DTSC to proactively seek public input into how we can better communicate and provide access to information. This information will help us revise the SSFL Public Participation Plan, which will outline our strategy for community outreach. The survey, which will be circulated this year, will ask stakeholders for their preferred method of communication, the types of information they typically seek, and the desired frequency of community interaction.

Fact Sheets 

Fact sheets provide a quick summary of project activities, meeting schedules, and upcoming opportunities for public involvement. Please see the Public Involvement page of this Web site's Document Library for a copy of SSFL documents.

DTSC Community Meetings 

Informal community meetings such as workshops and open houses, provide an excellent opportunity to share ideas and hear what stakeholders and community members are saying. DTSC holds regular community meetings to review technical information, plans and data from site investigations. These scheduled meetings are held during the day and in the evenings in DTSC’s Chatsworth office and in convenient locations throughout the community. Everyone is invited to attend. Dates of upcoming community meetings are listed under “What's New” on our Web site.

Public Comment, Meetings, and Hearings 

Formal public meetings and hearings to collect public comment on all reports and proposed actions are held as required. These publicly opened forums will be announced via e-mail alerts, fact sheets, on the SSFL Web site and via public notices that are sent through the mail.

DTSC E-mail Updates

DTSC invites you to sign up for our regular email updates related to the investigation and cleanup activities for SSFL.

DTSC will continue to seek your input on additional means of public involvement.