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Targeted Site Investigation (TSI) Program

Under the TSI Program, brownfields sites are selected to receive environmental services through a competitive application process. The DTSC TSI Program is funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency through a CERCLA 128(a) State and Trial Response Program Grant. For the selected properties, DTSC will provide assessment, investigation, or cleanup planning services at no cost to the applicant.  DTSC's goal is to facilitate the return of brownfields to safe and productive uses. DTSC is currently seeking properties that meet the following criteria:

  • Strong Redevelopment Potential
  • Real or Perceived Contamination
  • Clear Need and Municipal/Community Support fort the Property's Revitalization
  • Redevelopment/reuse Would Benefit the Community

Local government agencies, tribal governments, school districts and non-profit organizations are highly encouraged to apply. The TSI application period is now open and applications are due by July 13, 2018.

This year, almost $350,000 of environmental investigation services will be directed to selected projects. If you are interested in this program, we highly encourage you to contact the TSI Coordinator to discuss the details of your projects.

Access a copy of the 2018 TSI Application and Guidelines.  


How to Access State and Federal Funding to Investigate and Cleanup Brownfields

A webinar was held to inform local governments, agencies involved with redevelopment, general improvement districts, school districts, community development corporations, tribes, non-profit organizations and any other parties interested in returning brownfields to productive economic and/or open space use. The webinar discussed available resources, application schedules and guidelines, and projects which successfully utilized multiple sources of funding.

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), and the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) spoke about their respective funding programs.

The webinar was intended to make the grant funding process as transparent as possible and help you take advantage of these opportunities to fund your next project!

Presentation materials and a link to a video of the webinar is posted below. For more information, contact Maryam Tasnif-Abbasi at (714) 484-5489 or

2018 Webinar Presentation Materials


Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Program

undefinedThe DTSC RLF Program establishes a revolving loan fund that provides loans to help developers, businesses, schools, and local governments clean-up and redevelop brownfields. This is a brownfields clean-up loan program administered through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA).

RLF Program Overview

Revolving Loan Fund Flyer

RLF Application

RLF Success Stories and Current Projects

To establish your own RLF Program, refer to the U.S. EPA website.

For more information about the RLF Program, contact Maryam Tasnif-Abbasi at (714) 484-5489 or or Jennifer Black at (916) 869-5356 or



The California Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Toxic Substances Control, has received a Community Wide Assessment Brownfields grant from U.S. EPA to perform environmental assessments for underutilized, but developable, properties within cities along the I-710 Corridor. DTSC's goal is to utilize our environmental, technical, and regulatory expertise to conduct environmental assessments in partnership with local agencies and non-profit organizations to facilitate safe and productive use of brownfields. [Flyer]

DTSC is currently seeking properties that meet the following criteria:

  • High redevelopment potential;
  • Redevelopment is hampered due to known or perceived contamination;
  • Local agency/non-profit organization involvement/partnerships exist; and
  • Local agency/non-profit organization has access to the property.

For more information, contact Maryam Tasnif-Abbasi, Brownfields Coordinator.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Grant

The U.S. EPA offers a variety of grant and loan programs and technical assistance to help communities assess and clean up brownfields and prepare them for redevelopment. The proposal package for the fiscal year 2018 assessment, cleanup and revolving loan fund grants is currently available at U.S. EPA's Brownfields Grants page. The application deadline is November 16,2017. In order to develop a complete proposal package, the U.S. EPA requires a letter of acknowledgement from a state agency. Learn how to obtain a Letter of Acknowledgment from DTSC. All requests must be received by November 10, 2017.

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA or the Superfund Law) was amended by the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act (Brownfields Law) to include section 104(k), which provides federal financial assistance for brownfields revitalization, including grants for assessment, cleanup, and revolving loan funds. For a petroleum-contaminated site, that otherwise meets the definition of a brownfield site, U.S. EPA or the state must determine that the site is eligible for funding.


DTSC helps U.S. EPA grant applicants and recipients access federal brownfields funding by determining eligibility of petroleum-contaminated brownfields sites, under CERCLA section 101(39)(D). This is not a regulatory determination. A petroleum eligibility determination by DTSC, under CERCLA section 101(39)(D), for the purpose of brownfields funding does not release any party from obligations under any federal or state law or regulation, or under common law, and does not impact or limit EPA or state enforcement authorities against any party.  Refer to the following guidelines and application to request this grant support from DTSC.



Cleanup Loans and Environmental Assistance to Neighborhoods (CLEAN) Loan Program

This is a state-funded loan program that provides low-interest loans of up to $100,000 to conduct preliminary endangerment assessments and low-interest loans of up to $2.5 million for the cleanup or removal of hazardous materials where redevelopment is likely to have a beneficial impact on the property values, economic viability and quality of life of a community. DTSC is not currently accepting applications for this program.


Brownfields Tax Incentives

Originally signed into law in 1997 and extended through Dec. 31, 2011, the Brownfields Tax Incentive encourages the cleanup and reuse of brownfields.  Under the Brownfields Tax Incentive, environmental cleanup costs are fully deductible in the year incurred, rather than capitalized and spread over time. Learn more about Brownfields Tax Incentives.